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Event Information


9:30 AM Doors Open

10:00 AM Workshop Begins

12:00 PM Catered Lunch by Lure provided by Megan Morris with Haley McGinnis Funeral Home

12:00 PM to 2:00 PM: Everything beyond lunch is fun, networking & shopping!

Vendors: We have a great lineup of vendors!!! Lots of giveaways!!! You def want to make your way to every table so you can learn about them and get your name in the drawing!! Every vendor is doing a giveaway, and some other amazing women in our community donated items that I will be drawing for throughout the event!~~ Let's check off those Christmas lists, and support women businesses!!! 

Parking: Parking will be unique due to the Christmas Parade that takes place Saturday afternoon. Nothing we can't work around. You will not be able to park on the road in front of the venue. 2nd street closes at 12 Saturday. (So please DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD). They will shut down many roads for the parade near 2nd St. I've talked with Owensboro Police Dept and they say there will be clear signs where you can NOT park, look for those. Give yourself extra time to find parking and you will be fine. There is a business called Wax Works right around the corner from the venue that will be closed on the weekend and has a huge lot. Many people use that lot on the weekend. 

Attire: I get asked about attire a lot before my events. You be YOU!!! I will be in some cute RED BIRD pants, fitting huh? Come in something you feel good in for some that may mean casual and others that may mean something else. There is not a dress code or anything in particular that you have to wear!!!

Tickets: You do not need a ticket, we will have your name on the list. Check in with a volunteer upon arrival◡̈  We will have several volunteers to help. Look for them in a Pink Shirt◡̈ 

Venue: Musick Studios 411 E 2nd Street :: The space we are meeting in is on the second floor: Walk in the front door and a volunteer will be there to direct you to the stairs or elevator. HUGE thank you, and much love to LeAnne Musick for opening up her business for us. It's the perfect space and I am so grateful!!! Lastly, I've prepared worksheets for the workshop:: Bring your favorite pen, calendar, and highlighter◡̈  We will put in the work and do some goal-setting to have a solid plan of action for the next 6 weeks and 2024!!! I am ready to get into it with you! I am proud of you for making space to grow and be in community with other women!!!Let me know if you have any questions!!!